Bilişim Mesleki Yabancı Dil 1.Dönem 2.Yazılı - Bilişim Konuları

Bilişim Mesleki Yabancı Dil 1.Dönem 2.Yazılı


  1. Answer the following questions from the test.

1. To turn on the computer, __________ the “Start” button.

a. touch
b. press
c. Switch

2. The printer has __________ of ink.

a. finished
b. ended
c. run out

3. Unfortunately, my scanner isn’t __________ at the moment.

a. working
b. Going
c. Doing

4. Please __________ the CD ROM.

a. insert
b. introduce
c. İnject

5. The projector isn’t working because it isn’t __________.

a. plugged
b. plugged in
c. plugged into

6. The batteries in my digital camera are nearly dead. They need __________.

a. to change
b. exchanging
c. Changing

7. I have to __________ a computer screen for eight hours a day.

a. see
b. look at
c. Watch

8. Switch off your computer, and __________ it from the wall socket

a. de-plug
b. unplug
c. non-plug

9. I turned off the photocopier and ___________ the plug.

a. pulled out
b. extracted
c. took away

10.  __________ any key to continue.

a. Kick
b. Smash
c. Hit

11. The mouse moves on a __________.

a. mouse mat
b. mouse carpet
c. mouse table

12. TV and computer screens are usually measured in __________.

a. feet
b. miles
c. İnches

13. Before you start work, __________ the height of your chair

a. adjust
b. change
c. Rearrange

14. To get sound from your computer, plug in a pair of __________.

a. loudhailers
b. loudspeakers
c. loud voices

15. The computer is connected to the telephone line via a __________.

a. module
b. modem
c. Mod

16. You can increase the functions or performance of a computer with an __________.

a. extension card
b. exploding card
c. expansion card

17. Mobile phones and PDAs can communicate with computers via __________.

a. Bluebeard ®
b. Blueberry ®
c. Bluetooth ®

18. There’s a spare __________ in the workstation…

a. electric hole
b. power point
c. electrical opening

19.  ……so you can plug in your mobile phone __________.

a. charger
b. power
c. Electrification

20.  SD cards can be read in a computer’s __________.

a. storage reader
b. memory reader
c. card reader

B. Insert the appropriate words in the space.

caps lock  key  –  control key –  backspace key
tab key  –  shift key 

1. To go back one space, hit the _________________________.
2. To change to capital letters, press the ______________________.
3. To change the capital letters permanently, hit the _________________.
4. To insert a tabulation, press the _______________________.
5. To activate the “Ctrl” functions, press the _____________________.

Her soru 5 puan

1 B 11 A 21 backspace key
2 C 12 C 22 shift key
3 A 13 A 23 caps lock key
4 A 14 B 24 tab key
5 B 15 B 25 control key
6 C 16 C    
7 B 17 C    
8 B 18 B    
9 A 19 A    
10 C 20 C    
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