Bilişim Mesleki Yabancı Dil Soruları (Test-D/Y) - Bilişim Konuları

Bilişim Mesleki Yabancı Dil Soruları (Test-D/Y)

1.The variations of a software announced in different periods is called…

A) Version   

B) Driver 

C) Partition 

D) Spam


2. Which of the following provides installation, display and management of all devices   connected to PC.


B) Device Maneger 

C) Control panel

D) Family Safety


3. Which of the following is the output from a computer that you can touch?

A) Hardcopy   

B) Softcopy   

C) Footer  

D) Margins


4. Which of the following displays only the rows in a list that satisfy the conditions you  specify?

A) Name box   

B) Merged cell   

C) Filter    

D) Functions


5. Which of the following contain related information or data to be analyzed?

A) Data   

B) Data labels   

C) Data series   

D) Datasheets


6. Which of the following contains entries and keys that help identify the data series in a  chart.

A) Legendtext   

B) Legend key   

C) Legend    



7. Which of the following is the name given to The computer language used to create   hypertext documents?

A) HTTP     

B) HTML   

C) HTTPS     



8. Which of the following compiler error occurs when necessary variable identification has not been executed.

A) Type mismatch      

B) Unknown identifier

C) Invalid file name    

D) Identifier expected


9. Which of the following compiler error occurs when there is an error in sequence of    charactersthat is intended to be written?

A) Error in statement  

B) Syntax error

C) Invalid qualifier        

D) Error in real constant


10. Which of the following compiler error occurs when same variable has been identified    in 2 different types?

A) Duplicate identifier     

B) Variable identifier expected

C) Type mismatch           

D) Invalid file type


1.(D) Inquire dialogues are made during pre-production process


2.(D) Request and Demands for Payment dialogues are made during production


3.(Y) During Shipping dialogues are made between workers


4.( D) Acceptance of Orders are the dialogues between workers


5.( Y) Freeware software is Copyrighted software made available free for public use by the author.


6. (D) Software that is sold by individuals or companies for a nominal fee is called shareware.


7. (Y) DSL circuit is much slower than a regular phone line.


8. (Y) Unwanted, unsolicited junk emails sent to a large number of recipients are called spam.


9. (Y) A set of instructions that dictates how packets of information are sent across multiple Networks are called DNS.


10. (Y) A list containing email addresses or IP addresses of suspected spammers is called whitelist.



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